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Events Are Platforms

Every aspect of a live event is a potential platform.
This is the next leap as the digital world merges with the physical.

When people come together, connections and opportunites to engage grow exponentially. Your audience lives in a hyper-connected world that demands demographically and contextually relevant engagement. Now that you know, how are you going to give them what they want?

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LNKBOX is here to help

Expand your reach beyond the venue.
With captivating experiences from the moment your guests arrive.

Your guests arrive happy, refreshed and engaged using the LNKBOX mobility-as-a-platform -- MAAP™ -- service. We combine unforgettable rides with deep digital engagement to achive a triple-bottom-line of convenience, engagement, and experience.


Your operations team will thank you now, your marketing team and guests will thank you later.

LNKBOX Solution

We utilize light vehicles for flexible last mile transportation in and around the largest live events in the world. We design the paths of travel for each specific event and then hand select the most appropriate light vehicle for the grounds. But that's just the first step. With an Operations Plan dialed in, we then utilize our proprietary mix of hardware and software to facilitate connectivity and deeper engagement between event attendees and brands. Mobility-as-a-platform -- MAAP™ -- yields an opportunity for hyper targeted advertising and marketing. We are not interested in an arbitrary number of impressions, but rather personalized interaction.

Time Better Spent

Maximize the time that visitors spend in and around your venue with optimized last mile transportation.

Delightful Experiences

Transform the dreadful walk through the parking lot into an unforgetable experience for your guests.

Generate Revenue

Our connected platform lets you collect more data while serving more relevant and targeted marketing experiences

Safety First

Every driver goes through a rigorous vetting process so that your guests stay safe while having the time of their lives.


Customer service is in our DNA.

Joseph Bradley

Joseph Bradley

Founder & CEO

Matt Hyman

Matt Hyman

Founder and VP of Sales

Martha Hamilton

Martha Hamilton

Director of Production

Mario Sisinni

Mario Sisinni

Director of Operations

Scott Hoch

Scott Hoch

Head of Technology

Regina Lee

Regina Lee

Lead Software Engineer